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Too hot in the summer? Is it getting too expensive to keep cool with the A/C all the time? Does the harsh light make your home feel less homey? If so you may be interested in window tint for homes. It may be the answer to a lot of your concerns. There are many fiscal and environmental reasons to consider tinting the windows of your home. First off, tinting the windows on your home lessens the intensity of sunlight entering your living space without harming or distorting the outside view. Here at The Solar Guys, we use Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films to keep your home at a comforting daylight level.

With Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films, there is no metallic glint and no shiny gleam to your windows. These films are also energy efficient in helping keep the temperature of your home lower, reducing your A/C bill. If you are interested in all of these properties, you should check out our Fusion Traditional Tint Series here.

There are a few other window tint for homes that we suggest. There is the Ceramic Film Series. This film is made off ceramic which can withstand the harshest of natural elements, whether it be heat or freezing, water, or land. This tint also does not fade or appear shiny. Most importantly, it does not disturbing your view, day or night. This tint is a stronger level than Fusion Traditional Tint and will therefore protect from higher intensity heat waves along with harsher amounts of glare.

There is one other tint for homes that we suggest. It is the Select Ceramic Film Series. This film has the highest rate of heat wave rejection among the top films on the market. This home window tint can protect your furniture and family from harmful infa-red and ultra-violet waves from the sun. The visibility through this tint is not interfered with at all, your view will be clear and glare free.

Why wouldn’t you consider window tint for homes? It protects your home and furniture, lowers your A/C bill, keeps the whole house cooler, and protects your eyes from harsh lights and glares. There are so many ways to lower your overall bills each month and keep you from sweating, literally!

If you were interested in our window tint for homes, you may be interested in our special window tint for commercial buildings called Safety, Security, and Privacy Series. If you would like to set a time to come into one of our three locations in Central Florida, please fill out one of our contact forms to set up an appointment.


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