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Solatube® ISn: Our Newest Solatube® System.

Solatube® ISn: Our Newest Solatube® System.

Harnesses the sun’s energy during the day to power a soft-glow, solar-electric nightlight. See how the new Solatube®‘s NightLighting feature not only brings convenient nightlighting to your home, but also saves you 26% on your purchase and installation.

Solatube ® 160 ISn Daylighting System (10")

The Solatube® 160 ISn is our most versatile product and one that’s perfect for any room. Easily adaptable for spaces of any size, it offers a built-in solar-powered NightLight that emits a soft glow. The 160 ISn can be outfitted with ventilation, dimming and other options for a customized lighting solution that meets your needs. Best of all, it qualifies for 26% federal tax credit on purchase and installation.

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Solatube ® 290 ISn Daylighting System (14")

Boost the brightness in bigger spaces with the Solatube® 290 ISn. Featuring a larger tube, it brings more light indoors for the brightest experience possible. When you want less light, the optional Daylight Dimmer lets you adjust daylight levels in just seconds. At night, the built-in solar-powered nightlight emits just enough light to help you navigate in the dark. The system and installation qualify for 26% federal tax credit, making it more affordable than ever to bring natural light into your home.

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Real Life Photos

See examples of The Solatube® ISn in real life scenarios. These photos were taken in the mid of the night with no other light sources around. Ceiling height, wall color, fixture style, and other variables may effect performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much light does the NightLight produce?

8-10 Lumens, which is about the same as a traditional night light.

Can the brightness or color be adjusted?

No, the color and brightness of the unit is factory set.

Will the NightLight work with all the different fixture options?

Yes, however some may vary in visual appearance.

Can the NightLight be installed in older Solatube® products?

Yes, we currently have a special upgrade program available to past customers. Please contact us for more info.

Can the NightLight be manually turned off?

No, it is activated by a light senor and cannot be adjusted.

Does the NightLight come fully charged?

The rechargeable batteries come with a partial charge and take about a week of power cycling to become fully operational.

How do I change the rechargable batteries?

We have provided set by set instructions that you can view here. If you don't feel comfortable changing the batteries yourself, please contact us for service.

What is the warranty?

Solatube® International gives a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the NightLight (this does not cover batteries). This warranty does not include any necessary labor and/or service charges required to supply or install parts covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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