Common Myths about Solatube® Skylights and Window Tinting

At The Solar Guys, we want to ensure you’re getting high-quality and affordable solar products for your home. We’re here to address common misconceptions about Solatube® Skylights and window tinting because we want the best for our customers!

5 Common Myths About Solatube® Skylights 

  1. “Skylights begin to leak fast” – With the innovative Solatube® Skylights, you won’t have to worry about the dangers of leaks. The non-traditional alternative to traditional skylights is super easy to install and maintain. Solatube® Skylights are leak-proof design and impact-resistant.
  2. “Skylights allow too much sunlight” – Solatube® Skylights offers a Solatube® Designer Touches Series, which offers multiple lens and trim options. This allows for daylight customization and you can even add a Light Kit, Vent Kit or Daylight Dimmer – creating a multi-functional system.
  3. “It takes forever to install Skylights” – Unlike traditional skylights installation, our Certified Installation Consultants can install your Solatube® Daylighting System in as little as two-hours. Whereas, traditional skylights can take up to multiple days to install. 
  4. “Skylights require plenty of maintenance” – Solatube® Daylighting Systems are engineered for peace of mind. Everything from the leak-proof design to the impact-resistant, self- cleaning dome ensures trouble-free maintenance.
  5. “Skylights are expensive” – Without the need for reframing or painting, Solatube®  Daylighting Systems are a fraction of the cost of traditional skylights**.

Tinted Windows in Florida 

Window Tinting Florida - The Solar Guys

Tinted windows are an excellent way to keep any building, commercial or residential, cooler in the summer. They even block out the harmful rays of the sun, keeping your furniture looking brand new. Window tints also save lots of money on utility bills, which is good for the budget and the climate!

If window tints are of poor quality or poorly applied, they can bubble, change color, or peel, and no one wants that in their home or office. The solution is high-quality, Huber Optik window films skillfully applied by The Solar Guys!

Huber Optik offers a wide variety of films for tinted windows from the low cost fusion tint series to the ceramic and select ceramic series. Huber Optik is the only company that offers a full line of patented Nano Ceramic window films. These leading edge films contain no dyes or metals, and block heat without interfering with visibility, if anything they make the view even better by removing the glare. The safety and security series goes one step further and actually increases the shatter resistance of glass by holding the pieces together. This helps protect your property in case of accidents or storms.

All our window films come in whatever tone the client wants, from clear to blackout. We install these films on the inside of the windows so they last a long, long time. Installation is performed by our certified technicians who will carefully move and replace any furniture and clean the windows before applying the film; no preparation is required of the client. 

Five Common Window Tint Myths

Today, our dollars must go farther, that is a simple truth. We are all looking for ways to get more out of what we spend while still preserving a lifestyle we have worked so hard to achieve. The purchases we make seem to have more meaning because we are all the more conscious of the work behind the dollars we spend. The result is that today’s consumer is savvier than ever before. We talk to family, we talk to neighbors, we research product websites, we read consumer studies, and armed with all this information we collect multiple bids.

Here at The Solar Guys, we like savvy customers because we are confident we have the highest quality products at competitive prices! Still, all that research can lead to “paralysis by analysis”, leaving us weary of the hunt, confused, and even questioning whether we still want anything at all. 

Here are some common myths about window film that we have encountered while visiting with our customers.

  1. “You can’t put Window Film on a dual pane or Low E glass”—False. In fact, certain window films are made especially for Dual Pane or Low-E glass. It is True that not all types of window film are compatible with all types of glass and installing a non-compatible film can cause thermal stress damage to the seals or glass. Our consultants use a manufacturer’s glass compatibility chart to determine what’s safe; ask your consultant if you can view this if you are concerned about the safety of your glass.
  2. “Window Film doesn’t help on Low-E glass”—False. Again, Low-E glass just changes the type of window film that is best for your application. Having Low-E glass allows you to install lighter and clearer films which can nearly double the performance of Low-E glass without sacrificing the light you want to keep. Adding window film also allows you to gain the U/V protection and Glare Reduction properties that only film can add.
  3. “Installing Window Film will void my window warranty”—True…in part. Due to the availability of inferior films in home centers and the aforementioned film to glass compatibility concerns, most glass manufacturers will void warranty on the glass if film is installed. However, this is on the glass only, not the entire window. Additionally, you should never lose your warranty; the party standing behind should simply transfer. To make sure this happens, ask your window film consultant if their product warranty extends to the glass the film is applied to.
  4. “All Window Film is the same, just shop at the lowest price”—False. Film constructions today range from the old faithful Dual Reflective technologies to Ceramic Nano Technologies to Spectrally Selective Low-E films that can make single pane glass equal to a modern Energy Star rated dual pane window. Some window films are even used to strengthen glass where bomb blast or ballistics resistance ratings are required. Choosing the right film for your application is all about deciding what is important to you, and then matching that with the strengths of a particular window film. It’s about balancing price, heat, light, glare, U/V , privacy, security, and exterior aesthetics. These concerns should not be taken lightly or assumed to be covered by a one size or one brand fits all mentality.
  5. “As long as it has a Lifetime Warranty it doesn’t matter who you buy from”—False. First, not all Lifetime Warranties are the same; make sure it extends to the glass the film is applied to and make sure fading or discoloration from dye deterioration is covered over time. Second, though warranties may be from the manufacturer they are issued through the installing vendor; which makes any warranty is only as good as the company who installs it. So wouldn’t you agree that you should know something about the company you choose to hire? Are the installers direct employees of the company? If not, they may not be covered by the insurances of the company you hire and you may open yourself to liability. Additionally, if they are not direct employees, do you or the company you hired really know who will be in your home? At The Solar Guys, we hire our installers. As our direct employees they are covered under our corporate General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurances. You can also have the confidence that when we send our employees to your home we know who they are because they have all passed background checks and drug screening tests.

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The Solar Guys is a family-owned, local, central Florida company that has been in business since 2001. They hold both a general contractor’s license and a roofing license, and all technicians are factory trained, fully covered by worker’s compensation and general liability insurance, and have passed background checks. 

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