Solar Attic Fan vs. Electric Attic Fan: Which is Better for My Home?

Much “product advancement” nowadays could fall into the category of “one step forward, two steps back,” and the story of the attic fan is no exception. When someone touts a “new and improved” product as a better solution than what you already know, cynical or suspicious reactions are natural.

However, once in a while technology does make a giant leap that gives us a better choice on all fronts. The case of the solar attic fan vs. electric attic fan is a great example, and The Solar Guys are happy to explain why:

The Electric Attic Fan: A Thing of the Past

electric attic ventilation fan not best for reducing heat or dampness

Most of us are well aware that a hot, moist attic is not good for our home. A poorly ventilated attic space often leads to higher A/C bills, a shorter roof shingle life, plywood roof decking damage, and mold and mildew issues. Up until a few decades ago, the only option to help to address these problems was installing an electric attic ventilation fan.

On the plus side, these fans would do a great job of quickly lowering the temperature and humidity in the attic while they were running. Unfortunately, the heavy electric load of these units cut into any savings you accrued. In an effort to keep the operating cost down, most homeowners would install a thermostat cutoff to limit the fan’s operating window.

While this did help to keep running costs down, it also created a cycle of “heat rises, fan turns on – heat lowers, and fan turns off.” This constant fluctuation of temperature did not give homeowners the best protection possible in that fans would not turn on before allowing the attic to get too hot, and property damage had already occurred by then. Electric attic fans and the on/off method provided limited benefits while creating problems of their own by way of costly repairs and maintenance.

The Solar Attic Fan to the Rescue!

solar attic ventilation fan

Enter the age of the Solar Star® Attic Fan! Brilliant minds finally realized that while the sun is the culprit behind most of the attic issues we all have, it is also the best solution!

Solar ventilation fans allow you the satisfaction of turning the sun against itself:

  • Say goodbye to operating costs, because the sun is free!
    • Forget about a limited operating window allowing for accumulated damage, since the fans run as long as the sun is out.
  • What about the wear and tear on the fan motor running all day long, you ask?
    • Another recent technological breakthrough found in high-quality solar fans is the “brushless” or inductive motor. These motors do not have brushes that wear out and need replacing, and they can easily handle a much greater length of operating time compared to traditional motors with no fear of burning up your investment.
  • But are the motors quiet?
    • Because these motors are brushless, they work as quietly as a whisper! Unless you are living directly above a seismic fault line or have inner ear issues, distracting vibrations or humming should be a thing of the past!

If you are looking for a healthier, cooler, and dryer home; The Solar Guys can help! With years of experience installing attic ventilation and all sorts of other fans, we can help you maintain your home and save money on long-term energy costs.

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