The Solar Guys are proud to offer lanai insulation services to our clients throughout Central Florida.

As the world continues to become increasingly connected, various elements of different cultures have spread across the globe, even in concepts such as home design. Over time, warmer states such as Florida have come to adopt architectural structures from regions that see tropical weather year-round.

Hawaii is one of the most significant contributors to Florida home architecture, in the form of lanais. At The Solar Guys, we can help bring out the Hawaiian charm in your home year-round by insulating your lanai. Your Florida home may have a lanai without you even knowing it!

However, this begs an important question: what even is a lanai?

What is a “Lanai?”

A lanai is a covered structure attached to a house or hotel that typically has walls and allows people to spend time outdoors without being completely under the sun. What is great about lanais on the mainland is that they can be interpreted to fit the climate.

Lanais were originally born out of a reverence for nature. Hawaiians wanted a space where they could enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their home and commune with the elements without being subjected to them. As such, a lanai is just that: an extension of the home.

Because the term “lanai” offers just a loose definition, there is lots of room for interpretation and customization. It is quite common, however, for them to be furnished with sturdy outdoor furniture.

Throughout Florida, the most popular form of a lanai is similar to a closed-in porch with windows. These types of structures stand up well during hurricane season and offer plenty of light on sunny days. Some of these lanais even have ceiling fans to create the perfect outdoor ambience.

With so many creative variations to consider, we have put together a list of different features that people have chosen to add to their lanais:

  • Pool inside the lanai
  • Cement, tile, or carpet flooring
  • Home garden or atrium
  • Fire pit or heaters
  • Floor to ceiling screens or windows
  • Hot tub

A good majority of these structures are attached to the house and have concrete or cement floors. In some cases, they have tile or carpet, but traditional lanais are not intended to be as fancy as the inside of the home. The simplicity of their design makes them less expensive to install than sunrooms.

Pinterest has many décor ideas for making this indoor-outdoor hybrid space as comfortable and fashionable as possible without spending a lot of money.

If you are looking to build or renovate a lanai that is more solid than an open-concept structure, you should consider weatherizing it for the colder parts of the year. While Hawaiians enjoy warmer temperatures throughout the year, Florida’s temperatures drop low enough for a lanai to require weatherization to keep functioning year-round.

Insulating Your Lanai

Insulating Your Lanai

Though a lanai is not a necessarily new concept in Florida, many of the lanais in new homes today are much more built out than they have been in the past. Traditional lanais were open-air wooden structures, but with so many modern lanais supporting household amenities and serving as entertainment spaces, lanai insulation has become a must for the Florida homeowner.

Why let your private pool become too cold to swim in during the winter months? Why let one of the sleekest areas of your home go to waste on an otherwise beautiful sunny day? Lanai insulation allows you to get the most out of your space while safeguarding it against unwelcome weather and temperatures.

The Solar Guys offer lanai insulation installments as part of our services, which cover the greater central Florida region. This project is typically less extensive than our other insulation services. Our professional contractors can make a home visit to try and understand your vision for the project and provide a projected overall cost.

Contact The Solar Guys today and let us know what kind of help you will be needing with your lanai insulation installment. With 20 years of professional experience, we will help you insulate the lanai of your dreams so you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of inside!


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