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What's The Difference?

Not all tubular skylights are created equal. Ask for Solatube® by name!

Only Solatube® brand offers the highest performance… GUARANTEED IN WRITING. All other brands are imitations that are newer on the market, but much further behind in the technology. Solatube® has continued to develop and prefect the Solatube® and holds several extremely important patients. Below are several reasons why a genuine Solatube® out performances other imitations.

Why Does Solatube® Reign Supreme?

Tubular skylights still utilize some of the earliest methods we discovered to bring natural sunlight into our homes. The first commercial tubular skylights were patented in the 1850s, and they’ve only modernized since then.

It’s no secret that one name stands tall among all skylights, Solatube®. The technology used in Solatube® products has advanced and expanded the industry more than any other. They are a well-known, trusted brand whose products are used in residential homes, commercial buildings, and even hotels. 

Solatube® focuses all its R&D on developing the best possible products, which is why they are always at the forefront of technology and quality. Everyone else is usually just a step behind, following in their cutting-edge wake. 

Solatube® Vs. Competitors

Solatube® vs. Traditional Skylight

When comparing Solatube® and traditional skylights, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, Solatube® provides the most light. You will get 99% of the light coming into the tube, compared to just 36% with Skylight. This is due to the dome shape on the outside of your home, which captures the light with greater efficiency. Additionally, the inside of the Solatube light is 99.7% reflective, compared to just 95% for traditional skylights.

If you want the most light going into your home, Solatube® is the obvious answer.

Solatube® vs. Imitations

Solatube® stands out, in particular, when it comes to product quality when compared to imitators. Solatube® products are stronger and more durable when it comes to weathering the elements and longevity. 

Solatube® vs. Velux

Another worthy competitor is Velux. Their overall lumen output is lower than Solatube® simply because of their design. They come close, but their tubes still absorb more light on the way down the tube. Unlike Solatube®, Velux offers several other products. As Solatube’s® main focus is on creating solar tubes of the highest quality, this is where all their efforts go, so their tubes consistently look and perform better.

While there may be a day in the future when Velux is a worthy competitor, they don’t hit the Solatube standard just yet.

Solatube® Provide Year-Round Lighting

Are you struggling with too much sunlight or too little during the winter months? Solatube® has been able to craft a product that circumvents both these situations. They have found a way to prevent overpowering light in the middle of the day, but also capture light when you need it most. This technology is unique to Solatube.

Solatube® Provides More Style, Savings, and Function Than Their Competitors

Aesthetics matter! Solatube® doesn’t just provide more light, it’s more eye-pleasing too. You’ll get to choose from several different features and finishes, including a solar nightlight, and a variety of diffusers so you can still control the “curb appeal” of your home. 

When it comes to Solatube®, there’s no room for imitations or traditional skylights. Choose only the best. Choose Solatube®. At The Solar Guys, our daylighting experts are ready to help you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!  

Is The Product Customizable For Your Tastes And Preferences?

A Solatube® is completely customizable to your individual style!

Do you want a “one type fits all” frisbee-looking spotlight on your ceiling, or a designer decorative fixture of your choice? Would you like to enhance your skylight with the ability to use it as an electric light at night? Would you like to control the light level with only the flip of a switch?

It is your product and your investment; don’t you think that ultimately the final look, feel, and versatility should be yours as well?

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Just As Important As The Product Is: Who Will Be Doing The Installation?

The Solar Guys is 100% Focused On Customer Service!

The Solar Guys is the ONLY Premier Dealer for genuine Solatube® products throughout Central Florida. Installing skylight devices properly requires comprehensive construction and roofing trade knowledge. The Solar Guys holds three state certified licenses that verify our expertise. Solar License (CVC57042), General Contractor (CGC1518621) and Roofing Contractor (CCC1329445).

The Solar Guys is the only tubular skylight dealer in Florida that can say the following. All of our employees have been background checked and drug tested. They have all been factory trained and certified. We carry full liability and workers’ compensation coverage, NOT exemption which still leaves the homeowner liable. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and have never received a single complaint from one of our 45,000 customers. Since 2012 we received the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award.

Why Choose Us

Solatube® Tubular Skylight Myths

Over the years we have heard many imitation and fly-by-night companies use many different methods to try and deceive and confuse homeowners. We have collected a list of the most commonly told myths to try and educated our customers on the truth behind the original Solatube® Tubular Skylight. While most homeowners won’t be fooled by smooth talking salesman we want you to know the TRUTH.

Don't be deceived by these common myths meant to deceive and confuse you:

MYTH #1 - All tubular skylights are pretty much created equal.

THE TRUTH! – Only SOLATUBE® BRAND offers the highest patented performance... GUARANTEED IN WRITING. Other brands are imitations that are newer on the market, but much further behind in the technology. Solatube® Skylights have FL product approval, which can only be obtained if Florida State engineers approve the product’s design for the high wind and water intrusion testing that our weather should demand. Most imitation brands do not pass this stringent testing process. In addition, only Solatube® Skylights offer you both the highest performance AND exclusive decorative ceiling fixtures for your interior diffuser lens so that you can have the best of both worlds – performance and aesthetics!

MYTH #2 – The ceiling attachment for other brands is more substantial and heavier, and so is much more secure than the one found in Solatube® Skylights.

THE TRUTH! – Solatube® Skylights have been around for more than 20 years and have pioneered a ceiling attachment design that has stood the test of time and customer ratings, unlike upstart off-brands. The truth is that Solatube® Skylights have appeared on major television networks and shows like DIY and Home Improvement, and have appeared in countless major magazines. The Solar Guys is the largest Premier Dealer of Solatube® Skylights in the country with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, a feat that would be impossible if ceiling attachment failure was a common issue. Since the ceiling attachment structure and design is part of what the State engineers look at for FL Product Approval, you have the assurance that the integrity of your product is beyond accusation.

MYTH #3 – A larger and heavier roof flashing means a much more stable and durable roof design.

THE TRUTH! – Roof flashing size and weight is completely irrelevant to the security of the design. All flashings by Florida code need to be secured with a certain size and type of screws to maintain attachment during strong winds. Surely the company that you choose to perform your install will not rely on the weight of the flashing to keep it in place! Of course, an all metal flashing design is a must, and Solatube® gives you a non-corroding high grade aluminum alloy to serve this purpose. Bigger is not better in all cases. Just as our 14” Solatube® outperforms much larger size imitation brands, so our lighter gauge aluminum steel alloy flashing provides you with the best protection available without overly stressing your roof with a much larger roof hole size or weight of flashing than necessary. Again, years of documented satisfied customers over more than a decade demonstrate this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

MYTH #4 – You are getting better service when the owner of the company is doing the work.

THE TRUTH! – When a company does not have employees, it is not required to carry Workers’ Compensation coverage. Without this coverage the average homeowner can be held completely liable if a worker (an owner or otherwise) gets injured while on the customer’s property. The Solar Guys is a fully licensed Roofing and General Contractor, and we carry full Workers’ Compensation coverage on all of our Certified Technicians. We feel that our customers and prospective customers deserve that level of confidence and security. We also feel that our customers deserve to have their questions or concerns addressed immediately when they call or visit us, so we provide a permanent Showroom location with actual installed units on display during normal business hours. This prevents the unnecessary stress some might find with other companies when they call them and have to wait and hope that someone calls them back.

MYTH #5 – Solatube® tubing material is not as durable as other brands.

THE TRUTH! – Solatube® Spectralight infinity tubing is the brightest, most reflective material available in the industry, and is one of the major reasons that Solatube® Skylights are so much brighter, size-for-size, than ALL other imitations. Many imitations claim that their tubing manufacturing process is superior to that of Solatube®, but if that was the case wouldn’t their performance be superior as well? Yet no other tubular skylight manufacturer dares to claim to match or exceed the 99.7% reflectivity of Spectralight Infinity, at least in writing where they could be held to their word. With a lifetime warranty from the largest Premier Dealer of tubular skylights in Central Florida, it is clear that to see the need to come to the source! Choose only Solatube® from The Solar Guys.

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