Hurricane Season: How to Prepare Your Roof’s Solatubes and Skylights

With bad weather already on the way in Florida, The Solar Guys are happy to help with all your 2020 hurricane season roofing needs! Solatubes and skylights allow natural light into the home, reducing energy costs and the need for electrical lighting. Because of Florida’s sunny climate, Solatubes and skylights are popular options for homeowners. However, with hurricane season already underway, many homeowners are asking about preparing Solatubes and traditional skylights for the coming months. 

Hurricanes can tear limbs from trees and pull trees from the ground with heavy rain and strong winds up to 155 miles per hour. This makes Solatubes and skylights vulnerable to flying debris and branches, which could cause damage. In addition, Solatubes and skylights can present exposed entry points for water from heavy downpours. 

Today, The Solar Guys will share with you how to prepare your Solatubes and traditional skylights during the 2020 hurricane season:

What You Need to Know Before You Install Solatubes or Skylights

Whether you have Solatubes or skylights (or both) installed in your roof, it is important to note that professional installation means a considerably lower risk of future problems. Expert installation better maintains the structure and integrity of your roof, which helps your Solatubes and/or skylights stay properly sealed to avoid water leakage during a hurricane or severe storm. 

Protecting Your Solatubes and Skylights During the 2020 Hurricane Season

Maintain the Solatube Skylights on your roof

Skylights installed in a hurricane-prone area like Florida must undergo stringent testing and meet Florida Building Code, just like doors and windows. As a result, skylights offer hurricane-proof upgrades which decrease the possibility of damage when severe weather arrives. These strong, energy efficient skylights are made of impact resistant glass, reducing the risk of damage to your home and injuries to those sheltered inside. In most cases, these skylights are double glazed with an additional layer of tempered glass for added strength and durability. 

Similarly, Solatubes must also undergo stringent testing and meet Florida Building Code. Solatubes have a distinctive leak-proof design coupled with an impact-resistant, self-cleaning dome. Solatube domes are injection-molded with impact modified acrylic, which promises premium quality and durability. 

Optionally, for hurricane zones, a shock inner dome that has passed strict missile impact tests can help meet hurricane building codes. Solatube also offers a commercial version made of high-impact polycarbonate, featuring a dual glaze outer and inner dome assembly for additional durability. All Solatubes are covered by a 10-year warranty. 

If you don’t have hurricane-resistant upgrades on your skylights, you can reinforce them by covering them securely with an appropriate storm shutter, a metal cap, or plywood. When any storm is approaching, you should close your skylight vents tightly. 

For both skylights and Solatubes, keeping your gutters cleaned and trees near your home trimmed can lower the chances of destructive flying debris and branches causing damage to your roof, skylights, or Solatubes. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends having your roof inspected twice per year to ensure your roof, skylights, and Solatubes are up to standards and prepared for the chance of severe weather. 

Skylight and Solatube Repairs

solatube skylight technology 

Following a hurricane, tropical storm, or severe thunderstorm; if you find your traditional skylight or Solatube damaged and in need of repair, it is wise to get repairs done quickly to avoid additional damage to your roof or the interior of your home. 

While skylights and Solatubes can be at risk in a hurricane, the risk is minimal if they are equipped with hurricane-resistant upgrades and installed properly. Even in hurricane-prone areas like Florida, with proper precautions and the latest hurricane-proof technologies, you can enjoy your Solatubes and skylights for years to come!

The Solar Guys are Ready to Help You Prepare for the 2020 Hurricane Season!

2020 Hurricane Season has started in Florida

Solatubes and traditional skylights are great ways to bring natural light into your home in an energy-efficient way. When you need help with your Solatube Skylights or your traditional skylights, from installation to repairs to replacement,  The Solar Guys are ready to assist you. 

Here at The Solar Guys, we promise to deliver the best solutions and provide the highest quality products and the best customer service in the business.

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